Charolais Herd Sires

Our Charolais herd features nationally recognized powerful Charolais herd bulls that have been successfully used in AI programs throughout the United States. These sires are the backbone of our program and their service is represented throughout our herd in both sons and daughters. We also offer free ground shipping on any semen order of 20 units or more. Please browse through our sire lineup and feel free to contact us for any information on the following Charolais bulls.

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D R Typhoon 143
Registration Number: EM835668 - View Pedigree
DOB: 02/12/2013
Semen: $25 per straw / $30 per signing.


JASR Merger 82A
Registration Number: M842553 - View Pedigree
DOB: 11/10/2013
Semen: $25 per straw / $30 per signing.


D R Outlaw 704
Registration Number: M846312 - View Pedigree
DOB: 03/09/2014
Semen: $25 per straw / $30 per signing.


MCF Bohannon 305A
Registration Noumber: EM835382 - View Pedigree
DOB: 05/02/2013
Semen: Packages Available From The Owners.
Owned With: Mid Continent Farms, Ridder Farms, C&H Farms.

SVY Freedom PLD 307N
PC MS Cavalry P310 PLDET
LHD Cigar E46
SS MISS RAIN 305 PLD (LHD Cigar x Maternal sister to HooDoo)
MS HooDoo Geroge's Z8009

By far the most talked about Charolais bull calf in Denver 2014 and for good reason. Bohannon is a bull who is simply the right kind. He has excellent foot size and shape, good bone, length of spine, spring of rib, a level top line that leads to a explosively square rump design and overall usefulness, combined with a genetically versatile pedigree. He put up more than 500 units of semen prior to 1 year of age. Fertility is a must here at Dismukes Ranch. We are selling semen on Bohannon in packages of 50 or 100 straws and at a select few sales throughout the year. Sexed semen available.

HooDoo Slasher
Registration Number: M625629 - View Pedigree
DOB: 03/09/2001
Semen: 30 straw package for $40/straw. Free ground shipping included.
Signing: $30/certificate

Hoodoo 5076
Hoodoo Crook 7118
Miss Hoodoo ZT036
Hoodoo 3013
Miss Hoodoo Z6151
Ms Astro Z 5211

Slasher has had tremendous progeny success including selling 3 division winners at the national show in 2010; a $27,500 high seller at the 2010 Harvest of Excellence Sale; a $20,000 high seller at the 2010 Bauman Final Drive sale; sire of the 2009 and 2008 Denver Grand Champion Bull and Female, and sire of Revelation; and sire of the Grand Champion Female at 2008 Charolais Junior Nationals. As a sire group, the Slasher offspring were our highest selling sire group from 2010 to 2007.

D R Revelation 467
Registration Number: EM755482 - View Pedigree
DOB: 09/07/2007
Semen: $30/straw
Signing: $30/certificate
Actual BW: 91
Owned With: Revelation Syndicate , Bauman Cattle Co., 4B Livestock, Fresno State Ag Foundation, Faraway Cattle Co., Biggs Charolais, Wild Indian Acres, J&S Cattle, Teanna Simpson, Aurelia Charolais, Reid / Overmier Ranch, Schrader Ranch, Sparks Charolais, Wagner Charolais, Spruce Mountain Ranch, Morgan Cattle Co, Jorgensen Ranch, and Skeans Cattle Co.

HooDoo Crook 7118
HooDoo Slasher 1144
Miss HooDoo Z6151
Baldridge Cadillac 74E
D R WC Forever Lucy 372 ET
JD MS Commander B309

Revelation is really doing everything we hoped for and more! His first set of calves came this past year and have topped several sales and his sons were highly sought after in our bull sale. Every indicator & report is pointing to Revelation being a calving ease heifer bull that will give you good growth with extra muscle, body and a show ring look with an amazing amount of hair. Due to circumstances out of our control we are only going to offer 500 straws for sale on the open market. This is a great opportunity to use a low birth bull that will add tremendous quality at the same time, so call now to get your semen.

D R Stealth
Registration Number: M695129 - View Pedigree
DOB: 09/16/2004
Semen: $20/straw
Signing: $30/certificate
Owned With: Fresno State, M&M Charolais

Hoodoo Crook 7118
Hoodoo Slasher 1144
Miss Hoodoo Z6151
Baldridge Cadillac 74E
DR Alexis 412 ET
RCR Miss WW Windsock 625 PLD

Stealth is Slasher's oldest son and is a proven producer. Stealth is known for his ultra complete look and super front end and his calves have all the same look he does in a moderate birth package. His dam, Alexis 412 cow, is really proving to be a breed powerhouse with producing Stealth, the 2006 Reserve National Champion Bull, and Nighthawk the 2008 Reserve Grand Bull in Denver. Stealth appears to breed with more length and extension than Slasher, but still maintains the stout body design. With the cow power of his dam and Cadillac in his pedigree, his daughters are sure to be high quality.

Progeny winners include the Champion Pen of 5 and Pen of 3 Bulls, and Champion Jr. Get of Sire at Denver in 2009 and sire of the high selling heifer at the 2009 National Sale for $11,000.

Baldridge Cadillac 74E
Registration Number: M431824 - View Pedigree
DOB: 03/18/1995
Semen: $20/straw
Signing: $30/certificate
Owned with: Hebbert Charolais

JSM Camelot 105 PS
HBR Performer 181P
HBR Lady Mary 738 P
WCR Sir Fab Mac 809
Miss DCR Mac 414
Miss DB Connection 184

Cadillac is our foundation herd bull. We found him in the sandhills of Nebraska at the Hebbert's and fell in love with his daughters. Cadillac is a sure thing on calving ease and his daugthers are as close to perfect as you could ask for. They are fertile, sound structured and will survive in the toughest conditions and wean a heavy calf. He has been the perfect cross on our DeBruycker cows and we have had excellent luck crossing those daughters with Slasher and Madrid. Even though Cadillac has left us, we still have a large semen bank and encourage anyone who needs a consistent female producer to use Cadillac.

Sparrows Madrid 7M
Registration Number: M661388 - View Pedigree
DOB: 01/31/2002
Semen: $25/straw
Signing: $30/certificate
Owned With: B3 Livestock, Bauman Cattle Co.

RABC Edmund Latin
ABC Latoro 263G
ABC Char Chispa
LT Unlimited Chaps 0109
Sparrows Bambi 607D
Sparrows Bambi 607B

Madrid is becoming the go to bull in the Charolais breed for consistent show cattle and now his daughters are proving to be top producers with producing the Grand Female at the 2008 Junior National Show. Madrid was the last bull to win the Triple Crown (Kansas City, Denver and Houston Nationals), but I think he out did himself at the 2008 Charolais Junior National Show with 9 class winners, Grand Bull and Reserve Owned Female all being sired by Madrid. Madrid has also worked very well with Maine and composite females for raising steers or heifers. If you need power and the show ring look, then there is only one bull to use; Madrid!

Thank you for you interest in Dismukes Ranch! If you would like more information about our cattle, please feel free to contact us anytime at 916.995.3549!