Real World Cattle for Real World Cattlemen

DISMUKES RANCH is a seedstock breeder of registered Angus and Charolais cattle designed to meet the needs of real world cattlemen. Since 1988, our ranch motto has been “Real World Cattle for Real World Cattlemen,” and we concentrate on raising problem-free cattle that have the ability to gain quickly and efficiently. The need for these kind of cattle is imperative for the success of real world cattlemen.

Selection is the difference here at Dismukes Ranch. We select cattle for physical and phenotype traits first and foremost. We castrate the bottom 30% to 40% of our bull calves based on actual performance, structural soundness and phenotype, without any regard to EPD’s. We cull replacements and cows with the same philosophy and put the highest value on udder quality, feet and fertility. We raise cattle the old-fashioned way: if they don’t breed, milk and raise a heavy calf, they’re gone. If a calf doesn’t perform and gain, then they’re gone. It’s a simple philosophy that many purebred breeders complicate with EPD’s and other potential genetic indicators.

Longevity and productivity are two words commonly used here at Dismukes Ranch. By looking through our website, you will see that we continue to mix the most current genetics with older genetics that we have been using for over 10 years. This, combined with our strict culling procedures ensure that we have the absolute highest quality cows that will produce the highest quality bulls.


In recent years, we have began serving a junior clientele in search of Charolais show heifer prospects or Angus junior show cattle. We enjoy working with junior club calf exhibitors and families in selecting cattle to be competitive at all levels from county fairs to junior nationals to open national shows. Through our embryo transfer program, we are able to focus on fine-tuning the high profile genetics of our herd to produce champions in volume for these young exhibitors.